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Rental with flexible terms. We care about our clients and their needs.

01. Cars

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02. Motorcycles

Speed and

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  • Delivery and collection of the vehicle from the indicated place by the customer in the Tri-City and surrounding area (20km)

  • Most rental companies charge the customer in 100% with responsibility for the vehicle they rent, which in the event of damage, theft or other events involves the repair or purchase of the entire vehicle. With us all vehicles are insured so the customer responds to the agreed amount and can safely enjoy the ride.

  • A modern fleet of vehicles. All our vehicles are new and covered by the manufacturer's warranty, which guarantees reliability and safety.

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02. Car wash

Take care of your vehicle

Our customers

I used the services of Stradarent rental. It's really a very professional and trustworthy company. With a clear conscience I can recommend renting these cars. I recommend Mercedes A35 in particular.
Martyna Wolska
This is one of the best companies in Poland, which deals not only in the rental of cars but also motorbikes. Great machines and a rich insurance package. With a clear conscience I can recommend the company and its owner.
Jan Kowalski

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